bear on a computer monitor screen

Don't you just hate it when you go to a website that looks great but you can't access any useful info, sites that are nigh on impossible to navigate because everything is hidden beneath a shell of flash and pomp. Pretty sites are really more about the developers wants than the end user needs. A good balance between flash and function needs to be achieved and so often it always seems to lean more towards the flash then the function. A website is a tool not a toy and should never be over developed, remember its better to have a site that's visually lacking then content lacking.
Always keep in mind that search engine spiders don't crawl visual content but rather the written content. So make sure you written content is well formulated and then enhanced by your visual content, not the other way around. Now you can also go over board on the content side if you are not careful, you'll find it's just as difficult for the user to find useful info when its been buried in a mountain of content, the proverbial needle in a haystack scenario presents itself. This is where good presentation of content comes in. And last but not least, the site must do what it was set up to do. No more and no less. Let say you have a flower shop, then your website should be an extension of your shop. If your shop sells flowers then your site should do exactly the same thing. If you have a site that simply advertises your shop with pretty pictures of yourself in your shop Then you and your site have both missed the point.