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Looking to have a website designed look no further. This website was developed using the free Drupal CMS. A highly expandable platform that uses modules to add functionality to a site. A basic install provides all the necessary function to get a site up and running quickly. The latest version comes with core modules pre installed and these modules provide extensive expansion capabilities for a developer. There is also an extensive library of free modules and layout templates to choose from that can be downloaded and added to your site. It is quit amazing what can be accomplished building a site with Drupal using just the free modules and templates available. One of the modules added to this site has allowed the easy inclusion of the icons on the homepage, while another has allowed for the creation of pages using complex database queries and another added the slide show visible on the home page. We made the site mobile friendly using a free responsive template that was then customized to suite this websites needs. Development wise, Drupal is not an easy CMS to master but once site development is complete, basic content management becomes pretty straight forward for the site administrator.
Multilingual web design with drupal