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Network troubleshooting

If your broadband connection seems run down or simply goes off line we'll get you connected again. Router configuration, network trouble shooting, firewall configuration issues, email account issues, wired or wireless network setup. Its a lot simpler then it sounds. Most networking issues are generally caused by hardware failure, wireless networks for instance often don't live up to expectation when it comes to signal range. Here the solution is a wireless booster. In other cases a router may need replacing. If broadband services fail, most will be backup in a few hours.

Computer hardware maintenance and upgrades

The most common cause of hardware related issues is dust accumulation, this is easily repaired with a pressurized air canister and a vacuum cleaner. Dust removal will resolve heating issues, noise issues, power related issues keeping your computer running reliably for longer. Basic upgrades are an easy option to improve your computers performance. You could increase the memory with a cheap RAM upgrade or you could increase available storage space with hard drive replacement or adding additional hard drives.

Virus and spyware removal

Virus and spyware are a common problem on windows operating systems these days, but with the right security software and responsible browsing is controllable. Once a system is infected, the repair may be simple if the infection is not to malicious, in other cases the repair may require a complete reinstall of the system. Free antivirus software is common place on the internet these days, some are better than others but offer no guarantee of an infection free experience. Responsible browsing is the first step toward limiting your chance of being infected by a virus or malware.

Data backup

Backing up your data has always been very important, from creating a recovery disk to daily backups of you hard drive to an external location. Doing this can save future recovery costs in the event of hard drive failure which could occur at any time and with out warning. Use online backup for peace of mind. Most online backup services provide free space which is perfect for document backup. Image and music backup will require a paid for option. Other options are backing up to external hard drives with network or USB connectivity using locally run backup software.

Data recovery

Losing your data can be very traumatic especially important data that wasn't backed up, but with the right tools most data is retrievable so if system suddenly became corrupted, or you accidentally formatted your hard drive, as long as their is no physical damage to a hard drive, there is a good chance the data on it is retrievable. Just remember this is a slow process with no guarantees of success and can also work out to be quit costly. There are many free to use recovery software options available to download.